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Rudding Park | Harrogate | Spa & Hotel Review

Rudding Park is beautiful! We spent a night at the hotel, with an afternoon and day in the spa and it was perfect. We had the best and worst of the weather (typical England!), but made the most of it. Here are my highlights from our getaway…

The Spa Suite Room @ Rudding Park

We opted for a spa suite in the end. I say opted, but I messed up my first booking and just booked the trip for myself- whoops. When I spoke to the super helpful lady in reservations, she made sure I got everything I wanted at the best price. I wanted two things; a terrace so that we could enjoy evening drinks or a morning coffee outside, and access to the rooftop spa (unbelievable!!). The spa suite comes with both of these included. Plus the summer deal meant we had some money towards the evening meal included. And our room came with a free standing bath and sauna!

The room was lovely, complete with king size bed, coffee machine and leopard print sofa. We had a terrace with a table and 2 chairs, looking over the grass and into the spa. The bedroom was a fab size and the bathroom was huge. It has a heated floor, free standing bath, shower and a sauna- amazing! Your room comes with robes and slippers for the spa.

The Spa @ Rudding Park

Whether you’re lucky and have sunshine, or you go and it’s raining- there is plenty to do! You pay extra for the rooftop spa (unless it’s included in your room) and it is worth the additional price. The normal spa has a large indoor pool and sauna, with an outdoor lounging area if you don’t want to pay though! The changing rooms are beaut (I realise this isn’t why you use a spa) but it’s always good to have somewhere nice to get changed.

Now to the highlight: The Rooftop Spa

The rooftop spa at Rudding Park is insane. There is a large outdoor area with deck chairs, brollies and heaters if needed. You feel like you’re in a beautiful rooftop garden which is so nice. There is a sauna outside with glass windows so you can watch the world go by. There is an outdoor hot tub which is great in both the rain or sunshine- as we found out. Finally there is a chill area where you can relax on sofas. You can get drinks service at any time- plus there are big bowls of green apples dotted around if you’re ever peckish!

Inside the rooftop spa there is plenty of seating and so many rooms, all with different experiences. From the oxygen room to the sun room, you’ll find something you love! If you walk into the spa and turn right instead of heading outside, you’ll find the infinity pool looking over the grounds. AMAZING! We sat in there for hours on the metal seating area. It really is beautiful and super chilled- definitely my favourite bit of the spa. You don’t need to book a treatment as there is so much to experience in the spa. But I was treated to a manicure which was super relaxing and my nails looked fab.

The Grounds @ Rudding Park

The grounds are stunning! Everything is impeccable and I wish we’d had a bit more sunshine to enjoy it more. There is a golf course and walks you can do to take in the views. Make sure you visit the kitchen garden- all of the homegrown fruit and veg looks delicious. It is grown in perfect rows; I wish I’d taken a picture!! You get to appreciate these perfectly maintained gardens first-hand from the spa suites!

The Food @ Rudding Park

We ate in the Clock Tower restaurant which was delicious! We had scallops, tomato and basil soup, fish and chips and a white chocolate dessert (with pistachio cake and raspberries- I can’t remember its name!). Our table was in the conservatory rather than the main restaurant which was a nice touch. I’d initially booked into the Horto restaurant but I changed my booking when I amended the reservation. If we were to go back, I’d definitely try the Horto restaurant as the food looks like an experience in itself. That said, the Clock Tower food was definitely still a good choice and I’d eat there again!

From the grand building and impeccable grounds, to the eccentric library and amazing outdoor spa, Rudding Park is the perfect getaway for a couple of nights! Check out my other trip reviews for getaway ideas!

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