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The King Jason Protaras | Cyprus | Review

I travelled to Cyprus in June this year (long before I decided I was going to start this blog) and stayed at The King Jason Protaras. The holiday and hotel were perfect, so I thought it would be a good addition to my travel section– and as my first hotel review! There was no specific destination in mind when I started looking. I wanted a European summer holiday, in an adults only hotel so that I could have a really chilled week. Nothing at all could compare to The King Jason and what it had to offer for the amount I paid. From the moment I saw pictures, to actually arriving at the hotel, not one second of this trip disappointed! Here are the main pointers about the The King Jason that I hope will help influence your decision if you’re thinking about this hotel…


The his and her sinks in the bathroom at The King Jason Protaras

The Room

The room was amazing. Everything was black, white and marble and it was the nicest room I have ever stayed in. Our room was a suite, which sounds glam (it really was), but actually there were no other choices on booking. You walk straight into your lounge area complete with all of the necessities: TV, sofa, huge mirror with a dressing table, wardrobe, fridge (complete with water and a bottle of red) and tea and coffee making facilities. To the left is the bedroom in all its modern, monochrome glory. The bathroom is in the far corner and the his and her sinks had mirrors at different heights which were perfect for me- I am tiny! Thanks for the free slippers too- I am always a fan of these when you have a tiled floor. The suite was pretty much open plan, but if you needed privacy, you could pull across sliding doors to separate the rooms.

The room was on the ground floor which I was a bit (very) hesitant about. My first thought was safety, but my second was a lot funnier- I had seen the views from the higher rooms and I wanted that picture! The ground floor room turned out to be fab and it was actually great to be able to easily nip back throughout the day. Result. The hotel only has around 88 rooms so you really do get a personal feel to your entire stay.


The Hotel

I arrived in the evening to a glass of prosecco and some chocolates- what a welcome. As I’ve mentioned, our room was amazing and being on the ground floor was actually a bonus. The entire hotel echoed the glamour of the rooms. The outdoor bar area was modern with lots of stylish seating. I particularly enjoyed the evenings in the hanging chairs, drinking prosecco and watching the sunset! The hotel looked pristine during the day, but at night it is all lit up in different colours- a beautiful setting. The staff are also incredible- I have never met such amazing people who go out of their way to make your stay so enjoyable!


The view of the pool from the circular beds at The King Jason Protaras

Me sat on the hanging wicker chair drinking rose wine at The King Jason Protaras

The Food & Drink

For your meals you could either eat inside or outside, whichever took your fancy. The food choice for every meal was incredible and it was hard not to eat too much. There was a different theme everyday (Mexican, Italian…) so you never ate the same food twice. You could find fresh, hot food at every meal, plus a huge salad bar to accompany it. Breads, puddings, soups and more were available in abundance- you will definitely find something you like. It was all so yummy! You also get the chance to try their Greek Meze restuarant during your stay. I 100% recommend that you try this if you want a really special evening.

Now let’s talk about the drinks. As you can imagine- amazing. From milkshakes and slushies, to cocktails and prosecco, you could get any drink you wanted. All of the spirits were branded too which is unusual in an all-inclusive hotel. There was waiter service all day around the pool which was much appreciated in the heat. They also handed out water around 10am as it started to get warm- The King Jason really did nail the little things.


Sunset from the outdoor tables at The King Jason, Protaras

The Pool

If it is possible to choose a best bit of The King Jason, then the pool area was definitely it. Not only did they have sunbeds complete with comfortable pillows, they had actual beds. The most comfy circular beds, complete with pool access and your own umbrella. When you got warm, you simply dropped of the edge into the pool. How. Amazing! There are signs asking you not to reserve them, but if you want one then you have no option. And I wanted one. There were 2 rows of circular beds, each with their own pool and then another hydro pool a few steps away. If you were ever late out, there were always plenty of sunbeds to choose from. I will mention it again; the waiter service at your sunbed was an added bonus. By the end of the day, you didn’t even need to ask for your tipple, they kept you topped up.


The view of the pool from the circular beds at The King Jason Protaras

View of the circular beds at night time at The King Jason Protaras

Hotel Location

The hotel is located on the famous Fig Tree Bay which is only around 45 minutes from the Airport. This meant a super quick transfer which was ideal! From the pool it is only a short walk to the beach and the hotel has its own steps directly down into the clear sea below. Brace yourself for the cold! Restaurants, bars, live music and ice cream parlours are less than a 5 minute walk away- perfect for an evening stroll. The hotel doesn’t have entertainment (which was perfect for me), but if you do fancy some nightlife, it isn’t far away. If you fancy a longer, quieter walk, you can walk all the way down the beach front path to the other end of the resort and back.


Clear Water of Fig Tree Bay, Protaras

Me with Fig Tree Bay, Protaras in the Background


The King Jason Protaras is a must!

I would go back to this hotel in a heartbeat. From the idyllic location to the monochrome rooms, it really had no faults. I had such a perfect week full of sunshine, relaxation and fun. I was blissfully unaware I would be starting Essentially Em when I went on this holiday so I apologise for the pictures. If you want to see some great images of The King Jason, check out Girl Talk With Laura’s hotel review. She took the most amazing images and it made me even more excited for my holiday! This really was the most perfect holiday destination so don’t hesitate in booking.


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