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AluaSoul Ibiza | Es Cana | Hotel Review

Similar to a lot of my trips, I started looking for this summer holiday without a specific location in mind. I love to try new places, but sometimes you just need some sun! I wanted a girly holiday, somewhere warm and sunny, in a nice (adults only!) hotel- and not too expensive. After searching for a few evenings the AluaSoul Ibiza was top of the list and the holiday was booked.

We were not disappointed with this hotel and in my opinion we got exactly what we paid for. I had a look at the price for the same time this year and the price has increased, which is probably a sign of the hotel’s upcoming status. The rooms, pool area and a la carte were personal highlights for me, along with the drinks.

Typical me, I’d decided not to pursue my blog at the time so don’t have great hotel pictures- but read on to find out everything you need to know about the AluaSoul Ibiza…

The AluaSoul Ibiza Hotel

Overall the hotel is fab and perfect for a relaxing holiday. The AluaSoul Ibiza is adults only too, which is great if you want a chilled week. The hotel decor is modern throughout and this shows from the second you arrive in the open plan foyer.

There are 2 bars, one inside near the entrance and one outside near the pool. The indoor bar has bar stools and a seating area nearby. The outdoor bar is perfect for the pool and evening entertainment. We never struggled to get served and the bar staff soon know your regular drinks order. Aperol Spritz is a personal favourite and they tasted amazing! The evening entertainment takes place either inside or outside and varies from live singers and acrobats to karaoke- all a lot of fun, typical entertainment. We did use the gym a couple of times, it is basic but usable if you use your imagination… There are a few treadmills/cross trainers and a weights machine. We used the space to do a HIIT session complete with dumbbells.

Pool area at AluaSoul Ibiza

The Pool at AluaSoul Ibiza

The pool area was great and followed the modern interior theme- a really nice pool setting. There are plenty of sunbeds and parasols available, the area is really clean and towels are provided. We didn’t have to reserve sunbeds at 6am either which is always a plus. There are 2 pools, a water feature, palm trees, jacuzzis and decking areas. There is an exclusive area with pool service and cabanas, but I think you need to pay more for that. To be honest, the bar is not far away from anywhere around the pool so this isn’t necessary. The bar is open from around 10-11 every morning and you can get beer, wine, prosecco, cocktails and branded spirits to enjoy by the pool.

Essentially Em relaxing in the pool at AluaSoul Ibiza

The Room at AluaSoul Ibiza

I personally loved the room! Super modern rooms, with plenty of space. We had a double room with a pool view balcony- good for listening to the evening entertainment with a drink. Plenty of mirrors- essential when you’ve got 2 girls getting ready!! In the reviews people moan about the shower/toilet as the doors are typical, modern frosted glass- not a massive problem if you’re comfortable with family/friends in my opinion. The hotel provides slippers and dressing gowns, which is always a nice touch for down time. The bed and pillows were also soooo comfy which is ideal for a good sleep!

Essentially Em stood on the balcony at AluaSoul Ibiza

AluaSoul Ibiza: The Food

The food was my least favourite part, but it was still nice and there was plenty of choice. As always you get bored of a buffet and eating similar foods day in day out. There is hot and cold food available at every meal, from soups (really nice!) and salads, to fruit and puddings etc. You can find everything you would want for breakfast, lunch and tea, so can’t complain. There are plenty of seats inside, a few tables closer to the pool area, but the highlight was sitting at the front of the hotel with views of the sea (sometimes obstructed by cars, but still!). There is also an a la carte restaurant that is delicious. I highly recommend that you try this one night as the food is so tasty and it’s a really nice change!

Pasta dish at the a la carte restaurant in AluaSoul Ibiza

Soup dish at the a la carte restaurant in AluaSoul Ibiza
Main course at the a la carte restaurant in AluaSoul Ibiza
View from the restaurant at the front of the AluaSoul Ibiza hotel

AluaSoul Ibiza, Es Cana

The location was good, but it is a quiet resort. You are an hour from the airport which isn’t too long for your transfer. The beach is across the road if you fancy a change. If you walk along the beach and across the rocks at the other side there is a path with great views. If you want something more from your evening entertainment, then Charlie’s Bar is next door. You can listen to music and watch live tribute acts- really good if you want something more lively. Good cocktails too. There are restaurants and bars dotted about which seemed popular so probably worth a try if you want something different. Nikki Beach is around a mile away so perfect if you want a pool party. And that pretty much sums up Es Cana as a location.

View of the sea from the front of the AluaSoul Ibiza hotel

AluaSoul Ibiza Review Conclusion

So, if you’re looking for a nice, modern hotel, but for a cheaper budget then this is your hotel. As long as you don’t want to party every night and don’t mind a few elderly couples around the pool, then I’d recommend this spot! As I mentioned already- I looked to go back, but decided to try and find another great hotel instead. I hope this review of AluaSoul Ibiza was helpful- definitely give this hotel a try! If you want another top pick in Europe, check out my review of the King Jason Protaras.

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