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Essentially Em: The Journey

I’ll be honest, my Essentially Em blog journey has been a bit of a disaster… Not sure I can even call it a journey really!

I decided to start Essentially Em in autumn 2017, full of excitement of what the blog might achieve! I loved travel, food and fitness so I wanted to take this to the next level. I also had grand plans to go traveling in late 2018 and I wanted to use Essentially Em as a place to talk about all of the planning and then document my adventures.

However, plans change (usually for the better). And when things in life change, you reprioritise and realise what’s actually important- which is completely fine. But Essentially Em was definitely at the bottom of my list after only a few short months… When it came to renewing my domain in September 2018, I discussed with friends and decided to renew and start writing again. Now it’s 6 months later and these great plans haven’t got very far… but that is definitely about to change!

Pool area at AluaSoul Ibiza

Why am I writing a blog?

I work in content marketing so spend my days surrounded by content, trying to ensure my clients are ranking for their desired keywords. You’ll wonder what I’m chatting about if you don’t work in SEO so I’m not going to dwell on it. But basically if someone googles something relevant to your site/brand, then you want your content to appear… And in my case, if you want to read a review for the King Jason Protaras and you Google it, then I want my blog post to appear- and it does!! My King Jason Protaras review appears on page 1 next to, TUI, Trip Advisor etc. Which is AMAZING! And that makes me want to write more and achieve that again…

SERPs results containing Essentially Em hotel review

Everyone always has their dreams and ambitions. I’d love to travel the world (preferably for free, wouldn’t that be the dream?!), but on a more realistic level I’d love to be a PT and learn more about the body, mind and nutrition!

This last year I’ve watched a good friend start her amazing business S3LF and she is killing it. We started work on the same day, discussed gym and being a PT and she took that dream and smashed it! Another blogger, Essentially Emma, started her site when I launched Essentially Em (I’m pretty sure we were after the same domain name at the same time ha!). I’ve watched her grow her blog and brand since day one, through an amazing content hub and Instagram space. And she’s achieved it all in the same time I’ve had my blog… I’ve watched these women work hard and achieve amazing things, which has inspired me to achieve my own goals myself! Thanks gals!

Have confidence in yourself…

I learnt that you just need to do you, for you. I worried about what people would think about me starting a blog. I worried that people wouldn’t like all of my gym pictures on Instagram. But I’ve realised that it is my little space so I don’t have to worry. If they don’t like it then they don’t have to read it, right?! Life is way too short to let worrying about others impact what you want to do! You need to live life exactly how you want, do what you love every day and follow your dreams…

So there we go. Essentially Em is back ♥️

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