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Welcome to Essentially Em, a blog about everything that I enjoy in life; fitness, food, and travel, plus plenty of other things that make me smile. Thanks for visiting the page; I really hope you enjoy my random thoughts, learnings and pictures thrown into posts. I am so excited that I get to start writing and sharing my experiences- it has taken me a while to get to this stage, mainly because I am not great with computers… and I was worried what people would say, but I’m over that now and I hope you enjoy the posts!


Me with a bellini on Hull Marina at Butler Whites


For those who don’t know me, but want to know a bit more, here are some of the important bits…

  • I am a farm girl. I spent most of my life on a farm so I just love being out and about in the fields. And yes, I can drive a tractor.
  • I now live near Hull, but I’m never far away from the farm!
  • I love holidays. Sunshine, snow or cities, I don’t really mind as long as I’m somewhere different. I use my entire holiday allowance travelling and visiting new places (a definite case of Wanderlust…!).
  • One day, fingers crossed, I will be able to travel the world… I am working on it.
  • The gym is my happy place and I love feeling and looking strong and healthy- that is why I train like I do. Weights and HIIT are my thing and always will be.
  • Food. I am always hungry. A lot of the recipes I share will have a healthy focus as this is what I eat at home, but there will definitely be a lot of baking and yummy stuff too!
  • My love for food also means I eat out whenever possible, so prepare for plenty of food pics on Instagram.
  • I work in content marketing and have spent the last few years working closely with bloggers. This has definitely helped me realise that I should start my own blog… because why not?!
  • I studied languages at the UoB and wish I was still fluent in them now. French, German and Chinese to be precise.
  • I take pictures of everything and should really invest in a better camera.
  • Some of my other life loves are prosecco, mangoes, cats (love them all), anything grey, jelly beans (have to be from the Jelly Bean Factory, please) and bright yellow sunflowers.

Although I love fitness and food and will talk about it a lot, I am not a PT (this is another future goal) so any workouts and food recommendations are just what work for me and what I enjoy- and I hope you will too. I’m hoping Essentially Em will encourage me to learn more about the industry myself and make my learning more structured. I am also not a travel guru, but I holiday a lot and love visiting new places and cultures, so hopefully I will have lots of exciting information to share.

And for now, I think that is all you need to know about me! So get ready for me to share a bit of my life with you guys. I hope you enjoy reading about it- I can’t wait to start this journey with Essentially Em.


Me in a red dress in Cyprus

Me on whitby abbey steps pose


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