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My Week in Workouts: Week Two

I know that I only shared week one of my weekly workouts on Thursday, but that was for the week before and I want to catch up so that you get regular updates! So week two is this Monday until today and I’ll keep sharing my workouts on a Sunday.

Now that I am doing a weekly round up of my workouts, it is making me aware of how many times I go to the gym and what I do when I’m there. I definitely did not want to do a workout on Saturday, but I pushed myself. I’m feeling strong and toned at the minute and that’s keeping me motivated, plus I wanted to have more workouts to share with you guys! So here is this week in workouts for you to enjoy and try…

Essentially Em doing chest flies on a bench with dumbbells

Workout One: Upper Body (heavy weights)

  • Chest Flies
    10 reps with dumbbells and complete 3 sets
  • Chest Press
    10 reps with bar and complete 3 sets
  • Incline Chest Flies
    8 -10 reps with dumbbells and complete 3 sets
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Row (bench)
    10 reps (EA) complete 3 sets
  • Lat Pull Down (machine)
    10 reps and complete 3 sets, upping the weight where possible
  • Shrugs
    10 reps with dumbbells and complete 3 sets

Workout Two: Legs Circuit

  • Walking Lunges w. Barbell
    12 lunges (6 EL) and complete 5 times
  • Sumo Squat and Pulse w. Kettle Bell
    12 full squats w. pulse between and complete 5 times
  • Hip Thrusters w. Barbell
    10 reps plus 10 seconds hold and complete 5 times
    This week I did these on a bench with much heavier weights as I missed the heavy ones last week!
  • Cable Kick Back
    Depending on which machine I use in the gym I always do varying weights with this exercise, but this was what I managed this week:
    10 reps at 25 kg complete 1 set

    8 reps at 30 kg complete 2 sets
    6 reps at 35 kg complete 1 set

Essentially Em doing a sumo squat on a box with a kettle bell

Workout Three: Full Body Circuit

  • Overhead Lunges w. Plate
    12 lunges and complete 5 sets
  • Lateral Lunges w. Plate Chest Press
    10-12 lunges w. chest press and complete 5 sets
  • Renegade Rows w. Dumbbell
    16 rows and complete 5 sets
  • Dumbbell Deadlift
    12 reps and complete 5 sets
  • Wall Ball Throw and Squat
    12 reps and complete 5 sets
  • Squat to Arnold Press w. Dumbbells
    10 reps and complete 5 sets
  • Weighted Bent Leg Jack Knife w. Plate
    10 reps and complete 4 sets
  • Russian Twists w. Plate
    20 reps (10 ES) and complete 5 sets

Workout Four: Saturday Stairs and KB Swings

Some days I don’t have a workout planned and I don’t particularly want to plan one. This happened on Saturday, so I decided that I would complete the 81 floor challenge again and then do 15 minutes of bike sprints. Today I bettered my time from last week… yay! I completed it in 12 minutes 55 seconds (picture says 59 because it takes me that long to get to my phone) and I managed it with fewer slower breaks. Sometimes I don’t necessarily need these breaks, but if I want to drink, I have to slow the machine down or I will literally fall off the stairs.

I did about 5 minutes of bike sprints until I realised that I really was NOT in the mood for the bike today. As explained in my last post, I don’t really like spin and I don’t like biking. I will do bike sprints as my HIIT though, but it usually requires some motivation from my boyfriend and he wasn’t there so off the bike I hopped. Instead I swapped this for kettle bell swings (which I love).

I completed 120 kettle bell swings, alternating between a heavy and slightly lighter weight every 10 reps. More successful than my attempt on the bike.

Screen on the stair master when Essentially Em had completed 81 floors

Essentially Em doing a kettle bell swing in the gym

Workout Five: Full Body HIIT Pyramid Circuit


I try and do this routine once a week, but it is such a sweat fest. Sweat literally runs into my eyeballs. So you choose 10 exercises. Do exercise one for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds. Then, do exercise one for 30 seconds, exercise two for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. Keep adding an exercise on until you get to the end. Here were my exercises:

Ab Bikes
Kettle Bell Swing
Tricep Dips
Box Jumps
Mountain Climbers
X Jumps
Russian Twists w. Plate
Jump Lunges
Press Ups

This was followed by bosu squats; 10 reps and complete 5 sets.

Can you tell I love burpees, but hate press ups; they are always last so that I only have to complete them once. Maybe next week I’ll try putting them first… Maybe.

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