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About Me

Thanks for visiting Essentially Em.

I’m Em, a Yorkshire girl from a beautiful farm in the middle of nowhere, but I currently live in Hull. I have started this blog so that I have a place to share my recipes, travel tips, fitness journey and other things that make me smile. I work in content marketing and over the last 3 years I have worked with a lot of bloggers who have done amazing things with their sites and I thought “Why not me, too?!”. So here we are…

My dream is to travel the world and that is the long term goal, but in the meantime I am fitness, food and holiday mad. I love a good holiday; give me a beach, the mountains or a new city any day. I spend a lot of time in the gym to keep fit and stay in shape (the latter being my motivation), but everything I do is self taught. I am not a PT (hopefully, one day!) and my degree is in languages, so I didn’t learn anything about health and fitness there, but fitness is my passion so I plan on using this space to share everything I learn and explain the things that works for me. The same applies to my food knowledge, I eat what I enjoy and maintain a balanced diet that works for me. Plus I already take pictures of EVERY meal I make so I may as well share this with you all. 

As much as I love the photos I take, my iPhone 6 doesn’t quite cut it on here, but that’s what I’m working with for now…

Thanks for reading about me and the reason for starting Essentially Em. I hope you love the blog and that it inspires you today!

Essentially Em walking in Autumn down the Welton Wander trail in Welton